Derry Girls: Northern Ireland reacts as hit show returns with surprise cameo

The iconic cast have come back together for one final season

Derry Girls returned to Northern Ireland's screens on Tuesday night, as the final series began with the girls, and the wee English fella, facing their GCSE results.

The gang are trying to deal with anxiety the night before the big day, and will try just about anything to do so, including risking Sister Michael's Wrath.

Fans were delighted with the show's return.

The episode featured a famous Northern Irish actor in a cameo role that had twitter very excited.

While the girls mixed themselves up with some famous faces, the parents and Grandparents found themselves in an equally farcical situation as they tried to cover up the crimes of their adopted cat.

The third and final season will continue next Tuesday at 9.15 pm, with the girls sure to find many more scrapes to get into, pieces of slang to share with the world and laughs to be had before it's all over.