Northern Ireland's very own Easter Bunny delivers more than 1,600 eggs to sick children

By Marc Mallett

Northern Ireland’s version of the Easter Bunny has completed her mammoth task of delivering more than 1,000 Easter eggs to children in hospitals.

Jasmine Parker says she began collecting and delivering chocolate eggs six years ago because she was “a wee bit worried that the Easter Bunny didn't go to the children in the hospital".

"So I just asked my mum if I could bring a couple up,” the 12-year-old said.

Each year, Jasmine, from north Belfast sets a new target.

And she smashed this year’s target of 1,100 Easter eggs - delivering 1,618 eggs to hospitals across Northern Ireland.

Grandfather, Alex Johnston, said he couldn’t be more proud of Jasmine.

“The staff have all been saying it's been putting a smile on their face and obviously then they realise how much good this is going to actually do," he said.

"And not just through the children's wards, but down into A&E too.

"Jasmine likes to do things for other people. She definitely is Northern Ireland’s version of the Easter Bunny and we're so proud.”

And her target for next year? An eggs-traordinary 2,000 Easter eggs!