Employees ‘pushing for more remote working due to fuel price crisis’

Remote working was a feature of the coronavirus pandemic, but may appeal to some again due to the cost of commuting. Credit: PA

More people are pushing to be allowed to do more work from home again due to rising fuel prices, new research suggests.

A survey of almost 3,000 workers found that nine in 10 are pushing for more remote working amid the cost of living crisis.

Recruiter Randstad said its findings follow huge increases in the cost of petrol and diesel in recent months.

Chief Executive Victoria Short said Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s recent announcement of a cut to fuel duty has failed to bring costs down.

“Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the International Energy Agency recommended its members introduce emergency measures to restrain demand, including working from home,” she said.

“Well, workers here are ahead of the game.

“The rise in fuel prices is a much bigger blow to workers in Northern Ireland and Wales than to those in London - Londoners have public transport options, subsidised by the British taxpayer, that aren’t available in other parts of the country.

“For people who have to drive, being hit by massive fuel bills to travel to work, while seemingly subsidising London’s transport infrastructure must feel pretty painful.”

Ms Short added: “On top of that, train passengers have just suffered one of the worst periods of cancellations ever due to staff shortages - so that’s not exactly a reliable option either.

“If the government wants to encourage people back to the office and open up city centres, it needs to look at cutting VAT on petrol and diesel.”