Lyra McKee's family condemn Londonderry Easter Rising parade violence on anniversary of her death

"It just shows no one has learned anything," Lyra McKee's sister Nichola McKee-Corner tells UTV News reporter Judith Hill.

The family of Lyra McKee say they feared someone else "would get the same phone-call we got" following disorder in Londonderry on the third anniversary of her murder.

Police officers came under attack at an Easter parade linked to the dissident republican New IRA in the city on Monday.

Detectives have alleged the incident was "premeditated".

Eight men have been arrested - six under the Terrorism Act - after several demonstrators wore paramilitary-style clothing during the procession.

WATCH: The Easter Parade ended in violence, UTV News reporter Eden Wilson reports.

The disorder unfolded on the third anniversary of the murder of the 29-year-old journalist Lyra McKee, who was shot while observing rioting in the city in April 2019.

"It just shows how no-one has learned anything," her sister Nichola McKee-Corner told UTV News.

"We were worried someone would get the same phone-call we got on 18 April, 2019, that somebody else would lose their life because of the mindless violence these people chose to orchestrate on Lyra's anniversary.

"To be standing in prayer with Father Joe Gormley, and suddenly in the background to hear republican drums playing, it was hugely disrespectful when we were having our prayerful moment in memory of Lyra, it was taking in that place."

Ms McKee-Corner continued: "Lyra would be wanting to get all of those people into a safe place to have very difficult conversations about why they feel the need to continue with this kind of behaviour and start helping to find a way forward, a way that doesn't include violence and allows everyone's voice to be heard."

Meanwhile police investigating Lyra McKee's murder have issued a fresh appeal for information, and said the investigation remains "very active".