Cost of living increases 'could push up price of eggs'

A Co Antrim egg farmer says the soaring costs like feed and fuel are forcing him to charge more for his goods to survive.

The Ulster Farmers Union has warned of the skyrocketing production costs for those in the poultry industry.

Niall Delargy supplies eggs to small businesses from Larne to Portstewart.

However, with the rising cost of living, he says he has no choice but to up the price for a dozen by as much as 30p.

"Eggs are generally sold as a loss-leader, a daily essential, so the prices are normally kept as low as they possibly can be," he tells UTV.

"But those prices really need to go up - we need to be looking in the region of between 20p and 30p, given the cost increases that our businesses have incurred."

In a statement, the Ulster Farmers Union says poultry producers across Northern Ireland are "on edge" about soaring energy and feed prices.

It says these are "putting the cost of production through the roof".

The statement added: "We encourage all retailers and consumers to be mindful of the skyrocketing production costs that are being forced upon our members."