How cost-of-living crisis is crippling communities in Northern Ireland

The deepening cost-of-living crisis is crippling communities across Northern Ireland. While homeowners contend with soaring energy and food costs, business owners are tackling the spiraling price of overheads, and that means consumers are left to foot the bill. It’s been called the worst cost-of-living crisis for half a century and that will undoubtedly be at the forefront of voters’ minds next week as they vote to decide on the make-up of the next Assembly. Restaurant owner Jonny Taylor spoke of his frustration. His energy prices have rocketed while his suppliers are also putting up prices as they too have to cope with rising overheads.

Jonny Taylor speaks to Emma Patterson. Credit: UTV

“I don’t really care who gets voted in or who doesn’t," he said, "but whoever it is needs to get back to work without any excuses. “There are too many issues in this country that need to be dealt with.”

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