Irish Foreign Affairs Minister Coveney dismisses Russian mock-up nuclear attack video as 'trash'

A still from the mock Russian video.
Simon Coveney. Credit: PA

The Irish Foreign Affairs Minister says focus should remain on 'the real atrocities' being carried out by Russia after a mock-up video showing Ireland being hit by an underwater nuclear weapon was broadcast on state television.

Simon Coveney described the video as 'trash' and 'disinformation' in a tweet posted on Wednesday.

It comes after Taoiseach Michael Martin condemned the 'sinister' broadcast.

Mr Martin, speaking before a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, said that there should be an apology in relation to the report on Russian TV.

"It is very sinister, intimidatory type tactics by the Russian Federation, but I don't think anyone is going to be intimidated by it," Mr Martin said.

The TV report from Russia did not mention Ireland directly, but showed the island being wiped out as part of a Russian nuclear strike on the UK.

"I think it reflects a mindset that is worrying and not in touch with reality."

"There should be an apology forthcoming in relation to that," Mr Martin said.

He declined to say whether the Russian Ambassador, Yury Filatov, should be summoned to the Department of Foreign Affairs over the incident.

Mr Martin stressed that the fundamental issue was that Russia should "cease hostilities in Ukraine".

He added: "The degree of bombardment and the destruction of towns and cities and human carnage that has taken place is without any justification."