Ukrainian woman and her dog start 'new life' in Bangor

A Ukrainian woman from war-torn Kyiv has arrived at her new home in Bangor after a gruelling six day journey to Northern Ireland.

Nadiia Hladun escaped the conflict in her home city before travelling to western Ukraine for refuge.

It wasn't long before the war caught up with Nadiia, forcing her to think about moving to another country.

That's when she met Sarah Mitchell, a mother-of-three from Bangor, who said her natural instinct was to help when she saw the sheer volume of Ukrainians being displaced.

Sarah and Nadiia. Credit: UTV

"It is a difficult process. We did have to get our MP involved in a number of areas... but I am sure a lot of people are having a lot of difficulties making this a smooth process because it's not easy," Sarah told UTV.

And so Nadiia embarked on her 2,000 mile journey to Northern Ireland.

Several trains, missed planes, and countless documents later, the 33-year-old landed in Dublin before making her way to Bangor.

"I see my bed, I see my little house. I was stopping and starting to relax and understand that all is finished, I am safe place, all will be good," Nadiia told UTV.

The journey was made all the more tricky as Nadiia's dog was coming with her, which meant vet checks and extra documents were needed before entry.

Nadiia and her dog. Credit: UTV

"It's very stressful for dogs too. When we come on first day, we go to our room and Yarris change...first time eat for three days," said Nadiia.

Nadiia tries not to think about her life back in Ukraine because she knows, at least for now, she can't go back.

Instead, she looks forward to the future, including finding a new job, making friends and beginning what she calls her 'new life' here in Northern Ireland.