Coronavirus, waiting lists and obesity: Thursday's Northern Ireland headlines


The British Medical Association says The Government "failed in its duty of care" to doctors during the coronavirus pandemic. The union, which has conducted its own review of the handling of the crisis, highlighted the lack of personal protective equipment in the early stages of the pandemic.

A GP in Northern Ireland said they were sent six pairs of gloves and six aprons three weeks after the start of lockdown.

Waiting lists

The Public Services Ombudsman is investigating how Northern Ireland's Health Trusts communicate with patients on waiting lists.

It's looking in detail at the communication provided to patients waiting for medical care such as, if their case is classed as 'urgent' or 'routine' and how long they might have to wait. It will also look at whether and how often patients are updated.


Northern Ireland could have more people who are obese than a healthy weight by the late 2030s.

That's according to a new study from Cancer Research UK. A separate report by an independent Trust found that the country is heading for a public health emergency due to a lack of physical activity.

Europa League final

Rangers suffered penalty heartache in the Europa League final last night in Seville. The match finished 1-1 and went to a penalty shootout. Aaron Ramsey was the only player to miss, breaking Rangers hearts.


And Rory McIlroy is in action at the second golf major of the year later. He tees off just after 2pm this afternoon at the PGA Championship.