'We can see costs of protocol... it doesn't look good,' says NI transport company

A leading transport company says it is beginning to see what the real impacts of the full implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol would be.

This week the UK Government is expected to bring forward legislation to dismantle parts of the protocol trading arrangements, which places checks on goods entering NI from Great Britain. 

"We can see the goods that would simply be prohibited now, we can see the costs that there would be in business in real life," says McCulla Ireland MD Peter Summerton. 

"So whenever we model that forward for the GB to Ireland and GB to Northern Ireland sections, it doesn't look good."

Speaking about the potential for unilateral action by Westminster, Minister of State for NI Conor Burns said it is the government's wish to achieve a technical, negotiated settlement.

"But we will have to do the right thing for the United Kingdom and the people of Northern Ireland to resolve the challenges of the protocol," he said.