Tuesday's headlines: PM survives coup, TT racer dies, Hume bust

Prime Minister survives coup

Boris Johnson Credit: PA

There's been reaction to Prime Minister Boris Johnson surviving a no confidence vote amongst Conservative MPs last night. 180 votes were needed to topple the PM - in the end 148 MPs voted against him, with 211 backing Mr Johnson.

Hague: Johnson has been rejected and should exit No 10 but PM pledges to 'move on' from vote

Isle of Man TT racer dies

Davy Morgan

Northern Irish motorbike racer Davy Morgan has been killed in a crash during the Supersport race at the Isle of Man TT. The 52-year-old from County Down crashed on the third and final lap of yesterday's race. He is the third competitor to lose his life at this year's event.

Northern Ireland rider Davy Morgan dies at Isle of Man TT races

Victims Commissioner to appear before committee

The new Victims Commissioner is to appear before a Westminster committee over the Government's controversial Troubles legacy bill. Ian Jeffers says the proposals, which would provide an effective amnesty for those involved in Troubles related killings, would "slam the door in the face of victims."

John Hume bust to be unveiled in Strasbourg

The Taoiseach Michael Martin is to unveil a bust of Nobel laureate John Hume at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Ireland holds the presidency of the body this year. The tribute recognises the contribution Mr Hume made during his time as an MEP. Taoiseach to unveil bust of John Hume at European Parliament