Fuel prices hit £2 per litre as cost-of-living crisis continues

Diesel prices have hit £2 per litre. Credit: Pacemaker

The price of diesel at some pumps across Northern Ireland has surpassed £2 per litre with petrol only a few pence shy of hitting the same mark.

It comes as the Consumer Council announced another rise in the weekly average price for fuel.

Compared to last week (9 June), the price of diesel has risen by more than 7p to 190.4p.

The price of petrol is up by 5p to 185.6p.

The current cost-of-living crisis has included a rise in fuel costs for consumers as well as energy bills and supermarket shops.

Downpatrick in Co Down tops the table with the highest average price for diesel coming in at 194.9p compared to 184.9 in Newtownabbey.

Armagh recorded the highest average for petrol at 191.4p compared against 174.8p in Ballyclare, Co Antrim.