Co Down mum calls for better pregnancy loss services after receiving 'clinical' care

A young mother from Moira is calling for Craigavon Area Hospital to review and reform its maternity procedures and practice, after what she claims was a "lack of empathy" from staff after the birth of her stillborn son.

Little Hugh Thomas was born in March at just 17 weeks after a scan revealed he had no heartbeat.

His mother, Sarah Lucas, told UTV that her care was "clinical" and lacked compassion. She said she wasn't given a choice to hold her son when he was born.

"That choice was taken away from me. He was just put in a box and left on a windowsill on top of a cabinet while they were trying to sort me out because I was hemorrhaging and going in and out of consciousness," said Sarah.

Sarah also claims that she was refused gas and air to help with pain relief and that she was only offered paracetamol.

"Even though some people might think you're not giving birth to a full term baby, you're still giving birth...and it still hurts," said Sarah.

The 31-year-old also claims that bereavement support was promised but the family is still waiting.

Adding to her grief, Sarah later received an antenatal letter asking her to attend her next pregnancy appointment.

"Our lives are never going to be the same again.. but we are trying to adjust. Receiving things like that, it is like poking a scab, a wound it is just another reminder of what I do not have."

Craigavon Area Hospital Credit: UTV

In a statement, a Southern Trust spokesperson said: “We extend our sincerest sympathies to Sarah and her family.

"This is not the experience we would want for any of our women or their families during such a difficult time and we apologise for any distress caused."Our maternity team have been speaking to Sarah directly to discuss her concerns and offer support."

Sarah is determined to bring about change and help all mums who experience pregnancy loss who will come behind her.

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