Day of reflection for hurt caused by Troubles

A day of reflection has taken place to acknowledge the hurt and pain caused by the Troubles.

A cross-community service of prayer and music took place on the longest day of the year at St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast on Tuesday.

The service was held in an effort to offer a space for people to remember victims and survivors.

Stephen Forde, Dean of St Anne's Cathedral, said: "Understanding and remembering is very pertinent at the moment - how we remember the suffering of the Troubles.

"So this is a space, there's a lot of silence in the service, allowing people to hold their own memories, go back to places that may be quite painful for them, but in a safe place."

Eamon Martin, Archbishop of Armagh, said: "If we're ever going to have lasting peace and reconciliation here, we need to understand each other's trauma, and each other's pain."