Lego Man inspires children to build huge models

He’s known as The Lego Man.

While DJ Calvert was born without hands or legs, he was born to build Lego.

The Portstewart man gained international recognition after his block building skills were first showcased on UTV in 2018.

DJ doesn’t allow his disability to get in the way of completing Lego’s most complex and complicated kits.

The Covid-19 pandemic confined him to his home for over two years. Building Lego helped DJ get through it.

But now The Lego Man is back out and about on tour, and first stop was Millburn Primary School in Coleraine.

The Lego Man is teaching young pupils how to build. He also wants to inspire them to overcome life challenges.

He says: “It’s so nice to get back on the road again, to come and inspire the kids.

"My message is never give up, never get down, if they can see me and think I can do it then hopefully they think they can do it too."

School pupils welcomed The Lego Man with an array of their own creations and were treated to Lego building lessons from the master himself.

Teacher Alistair Handsfort says DJ is fantastic with the children and they got a lot from his visit

“All kids love Lego but more than that it is his can do spirit which is just totally infectious and it’s a great lesson for the kids," he says.

Driving a specially adapted car and towing a trailer containing his Lego creations, DJ is hoping to hit the road and bring his inspirational message to more local schools.

Life without limbs has no limits for The Lego Man.