Global oil price factors 'costing NI consumers £1,300 per year', Consumer Council says

Petrol and diesel is at an all-time high. Credit: PA

The cost of petrol and diesel in Northern Ireland has reached an all-time high, the Consumer Council says.

Its latest figures showed the average price of petrol as 189.3p and diesel as 196.0p.

Full details for costs in towns and cities across Northern Ireland can be found using the organisation's online fuel price checking tool.

The Consumer Council says the combined effect of heating, electricity, and fuel price increases mean the average person will spend an extra £1,300 on bills in the year ahead.

It has reported that home heating oil prices in Northern Ireland are over £1 per litre, more than double the 10-year average price.

"This is clearly awful news for many people," the Consumer Council says.

Peter McClenaghan from the organisation added: “Global increases in the price of purchasing and refining the crude oil that makes home heating oil, petrol, and diesel are having a devastating impact in Northern Ireland given we are the most car dependent UK region, our incomes are lower than the UK average, and two thirds of us use home heating oil."