Patrick Kielty once did 132mph on a motorway outside Belfast

Kielty admitted to the speeding offence while appearing on a podcast

Patrick Kielty once recorded a speed of 132 mph on a motorway outside of Belfast, he has admitted.

The comedian claims that it was, at the time, the highest speed ever recorded on a Northern Irish road.

He said he thought a police car behind him wanted a race.Speaking to the Fuelling Around, Kielty said that the incident occurred around 25 years ago in "pre-ceasefire Northern Ireland". The Co Down comic said that he was caught by a police car driving behind him on the motorway which he had initially misjudged as a fellow motorist who might "want to race".

Kielty also spoke on the podcast about a range of car mishaps in his younger years, including writing off his mother's car when he "crashed into a British Army checkpoint" outside of his home village. Kielty stressed that he was not found at fault for this earlier incident. The England-based comedian said he was tempted into the speeding offence when, on a "beautiful summer's evening" he "eased round this corner and there was nothing there".

"And I had a straight in front of me and I just kept putting my foot down.

"I didn't really know how fast the car was. And suddenly I looked at what [speed I was going] and I went, 'woah'".

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