Police respond to second night of disturbances in Derry's Galliagh estate after pallets set alight

  • WATCH: Footage from the Galliagh Estate (courtesy of NI Incident Alerts)

Police have responded to a second night of disturbances in Derry's Galliagh estate.

Officers said they received reports that a number of wooden pallets had been set on fire at the entrance to Galliagh Park, partially blocking the road for a time.

PSNI officers responded to the scene along with community representatives and youth workers.

Police said the road was cleared and that young people in the area dispersed.

Fire crews were forced to withdraw from the Galliagh area of Londonderry on Monday after coming under attack in disturbances which were linked to the removal of material for a controversial bonfire.

The Department for Communities told UTV that the material was removed at the request of local residents. The trouble flared in the Fairview Road area on Monday evening when young people attacked fire service personnel who had arrived to extinguish the blaze.