Bangor flute band concerned bomb had been thrown into ranks, statement says

The incident happened on Agincourt Avenue in Belfast Credit: Twitter/@efaakelly

A band at the centre of an incident which saw a bin hurled at them as they paraded on the Twelfth said they had "legitimate concerns... an explosive device had been thrown into the ranks".

A social media post was widely shared showing an altercation taking place between a resident in the Holyland area of Belfast and the band.

In the footage a man can be seen coming out of a home, which has an Irish Tricolour hung out a window, before he throws a bin at the band.

He is then surrounded by the band and a window of the home is smashed with another bin.

Orange officials can be seen intervening to stop the incident escalating and usher the band away.

Police arrested a man on suspicion of "a range of offences including assault and disorderly behaviour" in the Agincourt Avenue area of Belfast on Tuesday morning.

A statement from the band released through Jamie Bryson on Tuesday night said they were "subjected to an unprovoked sectarian attack, whilst peacefully parading as part of the annual Battle of the Boyne commemoration" which caught them by surprise.

"In the split second following this unprovoked and entirely unexpected sectarian attack, there were genuine and legitimate concerns amongst band members that an explosive device had been thrown into the ranks.

"This is entirely understandable given the sectarian nature of the attack which came out of nowhere, and thus caught everyone by surprise.

"In this context, the band showed remarkable restraint and thankfully calm was quickly restored to the situation."

The statement said "in the confusion ... regrettably an item smashed the window of the general property from which the aggressor came".

Police seize a bin in the Holyland area after incident during band parade.

The window of the home, the statement added, belonged to someone unconnected to the incident and the band would pay for the damages and apologise.

It called for nationalist politicians to "show leadership" and call for and end to "sectarian hatred, intolerance and violence".

Police released the arrested man on Wednesday morning, pending further inquiries.