Belfast woman warns against dental tourism after botched veneers in Turkey leaves her with £14k bill

Amanda Turner tells UTV News reporter Jordan Moates her teeth 'feel like they are being electrocuted.'

A Belfast woman says her life has become a nightmare after she was left in pain and facing a huge bill following botched dental work in Turkey. Amanda Turner travelled to the country for cosmetic dental surgery three months ago, but since coming home has been in hospital with multiple problems.

She had hoped new veneers would leave her with a stunning smile has instead landed her in a world of pain - and with a bill of at least £14,000 to correct the damage.

Amanda is sharing her cautionary tale in a bid to warn others against dental tourism, as a survey from The British Dental Association found more than three-quarters of dentists in Northern Ireland have had to treat patients who have gone abroad for cut-price procedures.

Amanda warned: "You are sold the dream and you are delivered a nightmare."

"You don't get what you pay for, when you complain you are left on streets alone, they cancel your hotel and transport." "Your 200-year guarantee means nothing once they get your money."

Amanda's nightmare experience abroad was only really the beginning.

When she got home, her face had swollen, her mouth was infected and she ended up in hospital needing fluid drained from her face. "Since I got home I have had nothing but problems I am on my 13th antibiotic. "I was also on a drip for five days. "My teeth feel like they are being electrocuted." Amanda's story is becoming all too familiar. Three-quarters of dentists in Northern Ireland are seeing patients come to them with difficulties. Dentist Peter Hughes added: "The more complex treatments can need more preparatory work and aftercare." "When you go out for short periods of time the ability to do that and maintain good aftercare is very limited." "Problems are then more likely with dental tourism."

The bill to correct the damage to Amanda's teeth will be around £14,000. A team of dentists are donating their time and have said the bill could even be closer to £60,000 Amanda said: "I was stupid - I see that now - I have a million questions. "Everything looked great. The clinic looked good on the reviews - it was a hidden gem. If only I knew."

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