Bar launches 'Windy Smasher' cocktail inspired by events in the Holylands on the Twelfth

The new 'Windy Smasher' cocktail

A bar in Northern Ireland has made a new cocktail served in a mini-wheelie bin called the ‘Windy Smasher’.

It follows a social media clip going viral during the Twelfth parades showing an altercation taking place between a resident in the Holyland area and a band.

In the video a man can be seen coming out of a home, which has an Irish tricolour hung out a window, before he throws a bin at the band.

A man throws a bin at a band during the Twelfth Credit: Twitter/@efaakelly

The band then surround the house as the man runs back inside and a larger bin is used to smash the window of the building.

Police took the bin away

No7 Duke Street in Warrenpoint are behind the creation and say “our secret recipe has a double shot of Rum…Dash of bitters is optional.”