Electricity blackouts set to hit Northern Ireland in 2024 if action not taken

electricity pylon
The details were in a SONI report.

Northern Ireland is set for electricity shortages in 2024/25 if action isn't taken.

A report by System Operator for Northern Ireland (SONI) has predicted in the next couple of years there will be a deficit in the region's electricity supply.

The Generation Capacity statement blames the shortfall on the transition to renewable energy as part of climate change targets.

Currently when you turn on a light or boil a kettle, 40% of that electricity comes from renewable energy - but the target is 80%.

Also the repurposing of Kilroot power station near Carrickfergus in 2024, when it changes from coal to gas, will affect the supply on the grid for a time.

Since 2014, SONI has been responsible for planning for the future of the grid to balance supply and demand.

The report is a 10-year prediction.

If Stormont doesn't come up with a plan in 2024, the supply in NI will be in a deficit of 40 mega watts and by 2025, that will jump to 170 mega watts.