Brother of Shankill bombing victim welcomes investigation into IRA chanting at Féile An Phobail

  • Judith Hill reports

The brother of a young girl killed in the Shankill bombing has welcomed an investigation by Northern Ireland's Charity Commission into IRA chanting at Féile An Phobail last summer.

Commissioners will decide whether or not there should be a statutory inquiry into the chants at the Wolfe Tones gig on the final night of the festival.

Gary Murray, whose 13-year-old sister Leanne was one of 9 victims killed in the IRA blast in 1993, has lodged the complaint.

"It really, really hurt me and it hurts my mum.

"It just feels like it's hateful towards people who have been murdered.

"It's gut wrenching. I think of Leanne then quite alot and other IRA victims."

Gary Murray said he sees the need for community festivals like Féile, and attended an event at it with his mum a few years ago, that was based on his family's story. He was moved by that experience but said because of it, the chants have hurt him more.

"The Féile was brilliant. The reception we got from the Ballymurphy families was fantastic. We took our story there because we were trying to make headway. And then to play that song - it's unreal, especially for my mum. The look on her face when she watched that video, that just told the story."

Féile is a highly popular and successful festival, funded by a range of high profile agencies.

UTV tried to make contact with the organisers but didn't receive any comment back.

It is unclear when there will be an outcome to the Charity Commission investigation.

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