Bored of Lunch's Nathan Anthony on moving from corporate world to chopping board

From a lockdown pastime to bestselling author, Nathan Anthony has had a remarkable journey over the last few years.

The homecook shares recipes on different platforms to over 2million followers.

Speaking on the UTV Podcast, Nathan outlined his path to success, as well as his own thoughts on cooking during a cost-of-living crisis.

Nathan Anthony

Nathan began his project as an outlet for his love of cooking during the long days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

His short videos, often focusing on slowcooker and air fryer recipes, quickly began to attract an international audience.

Nathan attributes his success partly to his lack of the "professional" look that celebrity chefs often had on screen.

His "average-looking" home and equipment was easy for viewers to relate to, and to put into practice in their own average kitchens.

Nathan's well known as the man behind Bored of Lunch, although he started off with the slightly less catchy Bored of Lunch Belfast.

After seeing that he was gaining viewers around the world, he decided to drop the "Belfast" to broaden his appeal.

Nathan's following has grown to the point where he signed a book deal with the prestigious publishing house Penguin Random House.

He has one cookbook out now, for both slow-cookers and and another upcoming one for air fryers.

Despite his success across digital and traditional platforms, Nathan is in no rush to give up the day job for his now hugely successful side hustle.

Nathan still works his 9-to-5 job in digital transformation and films Bored of Lunch in his free time.

Nathan says it's this variety of work that energises and motivates him, and keeps him finding and filming new dishes.

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