If this is your second British Coronation, then you are at least a Septuagenarian

The coronation of King Charles III on Saturday will see a little bit of history repeated - a new cast of familiar faces.

The last time there was a coronation was in June 1953 when the King's mother, was crowned Queen Elizabeth II.

And while Her reign of 70 years and 214 days was the longest of any British monarch - well 70 is the new 50! And there are plenty of 'Septuagenarians' out there for whom this will be their second coronation.

For Ann Gorman and Carol McClean - the coronation this year comes during their 70th Friendversary. In fact, they actually met each other at a street party held on the day the Queen was crowned and they've remained friends ever since.

"I had just moved into the house on Harrow Street in Belfast the day before the coronation, and I knew absolutely nobody. But on the day of the coronation, my mum said - go out and play. And then this lady here was standing right here" recalls Ann.

Carol picks up the story. "I had been ill and in and out of hospital quite a lot. And that was my first day out. I had to plead with my parents to let me go out. And I remember well, it was a June day, beautiful day. And I had a hat and wooly gloves on. And I met this girl, and we're still best of friends to this day."

'Octogenarians' will have had experience of two coronations already. Like many of the residents I met at Croagh Patrick Care Home in county Down.

And Olive is excited telling me that she's always bveen very interested in anything to do with the Royal family. Francis, on the otherhand, says he's not really looking forward to it because it will interfere with his Saturday sports coverage. While Min is hoping for spectacular dresses like at the Queen's coronation. "She was beautiful" says Min.

If you already have three coronations under your belt- you would have to be at least 112 years old! Not quite there, but Jane Benington (note the spelling Buckingham Palace!!) recently received a card from King Charles and Queen Camilla - sending her warmest regards for her 106th birthday.

Like many others, Jane will be watching proceedings on her TV screen.

And the advice from all I spoke to - enjoy making some coronation memories on Saturday, because you never know when the next one will come round again.

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