'Slight chance' of rescuing missing Titanic submersible as time marches on in search

There is now only a "slight chance" that search teams will find and rescue the passengers of a missing submersible in the Atlantic Ocean, an expert has told UTV.

Five people - including three British nationals - remain missing after contact was lost with their OceanGate Expeditions submersible last Sunday.

The vessel, named Titan, had been due to complete a voyage to the Titanic shipwreck.

As time marches on in the search, Chris Reynolds, former director of the Irish Coastguard, explained two possible rescue scenarios.

"The two survival options are that it's trapped in debris in the debris field of Titanic, or it's on the surface," said Mr Reynolds.

"Both present extremely difficult rescue scenarios. The oxygen and the battery life will be running out, it's a miracle that would save them."

He continued: "If the vessel is on the surface, it's simply a matter of undoing the bolts and getting the people out of the submarine as quickly as possible.

"Very simple - but the problem is trying to find something that small in such a huge area.

"The second scenario, on the sea bed - the only realistic concept I can see is that it's caught in some sort of debris and that a second submarine will find it and ease it out of the debris, then it can either float itself back to the surface or be assisted back to the surface.

"Those are the two scenarios that would result in a happy ending."

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