United Against Racism rally organised following Nazi flag incident at West Belfast mosque

Flags at Belfast Dunmurry mosque.
Flags bearing Nazi symbols placed outside the mosque

Anti-racism campaigners are set to hold a rally in response to the erection of Nazi flags on lamp posts outside a Mosque in Dunmurry. 

Organised by United Against Racism, the demonstration will take place at Dunmurry Park. 

Flags bearing the Swastika symbol and SS insignia were hung on lamp posts outside the Iqraa Mosque in the Sunnymeade area of the town on Tuesday night. 

They were discovered by a woman and her children as they arrived for morning prayers on Wednesday morning.

A United Against Racism spokesperson said: “Those who erected Nazi flags at Iqraa Mosque in Dunmurry do not speak for the people of this area.

“Attempts to intimidate our Muslim brothers and sisters will not go unchallenged. 

“United Against Racism is calling on all progressive sections of society to mobilise against the racists on the far right. We need to stamp out Islamophobia and all forms of racism and hate.

“The fascists behind this recent incident are trying to gain a foothold locally to spread their lies and hate. It is critical that we all mobilise against them. 

“We encourage the people of Dunmurry and beyond to come out and say no to fascism.”

The incident, which the PSNI are treating as a racially-motivated hate crime, was vehemently condemned by the local community and politicians alike.