NIFL to revamp Northern Ireland football calendar

NIFL will consult with clubs about a move away from the traditional football calendar Credit: NIFL

The Northern Ireland Football League (NIFL) have announced a new five-year strategy aimed at improving the local game including moving away from the traditional football calendar.

At a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon NIFL Chief Executive Gerard Lawlor outlined that the body will begin a consultation process with clubs in regards to a change in the coming years.

Traditionally the football calendar in Northern Ireland runs from August to May while in the Republic of Ireland the FAI have implemented a summer season, but Lawlor believes clubs will benefit from a tweak in the calendar rather than following the FAI's position.

"Some people would like a complete change like the FAI season which is March to October, but I feel here is more of a half-way house approach, maybe a tweak to a May start to allow clubs to prepare for European fixtures," said Lawlor.

"I can't see it happening in the next two years, three years possibly is where we have put it in the timeline in our strategy to have a very strong plan to go, I believe there is a desire throughout the football family to make it happen, and if the majority of clubs vote to make it happen we will deliver it."