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Rescued seal pups released back into wild

Two little seal pups found injured a few months ago have been nursed back to health and released back into the wild off the North Antrim coast.

Hans and Albert needed feeding up to help give them the thick layer of blubber they need to survive the winter in the chilly Atlantic.

The orphans were looked after by staff at the Exploris sanctuary in Portaferry, Co Down.

But, as Gareth Wilkinson reports, they were taken to Ballintoy to be released.

Tina the elephant passes away at Belfast Zoo

Tina the Asian elephant has passed away at Belfast Zoo.

Tina was 54 and one of the oldest elephants at the zoo, arriving in 1966.

Staff are extremely saddened by the death of the much-loved animal, a statement said.

“Tina collapsed in the early hours of this morning and the very difficult decision was made by zoo staff and veterinary staff to put her to sleep,” a statement from the Belfast City Council said.

The zoo will remain open as normal but the elephant house will be closed until further notice.


Co Antrim cat ‘could be oldest in world’

A Co Antrim cat could be the oldest in the world, at 31 in human terms and 141 in “cat years”.

Sasha has been with her owner Beth for 25 years and may now have a shot at a place in the Gunness World Records.

Her age came to the attention of a local vet recently after she needed an operation – causing astonishment given how healthy she is for her advanced years.

Aideen Kennedy went to Newtownabbey to meet the top cat.

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