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Taoiseach praises PM’s ‘strengthened language’ against physical border

Archive Photo. Credit: PA

The Taoiseach has said the UK will not accept a physical border on the island of Ireland.

Leo Varadkar revealed that Theresa May made the position clear in her address at the European Council summit dinner on Thursday night.

The Taoiseach said he was heartened by the Prime Minister's strengthened language on the issue.

"She specifically referenced the unique situation for both Ireland and Northern Ireland, which I think was very positive," he said.

"She strengthened her language in relation to the border. She said the UK would not accept a physical border on the island of Ireland - again very positive language."

The Taoiseach said talks on the border question were "inching forward" but repeated his call for more detail: "We don't have more detail yet - in a sense that's part of the difficulty," he said.


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