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Pokémon Go players in Belfast give their tips on how to catch ‘em all

UTV's Marc Mallett has headed into Belfast city centre to learn how to play Pokémon Go.

He also asked players of the hit new game for mobile where the best place in Belfast is to find Pokémon.

One player said he has walked 60 miles since installing the game on his phone in his effort to ‘catch ‘em all’.

None admitted to driving around to play the game, although PSNI have issued a warning to motorists after discovering someone cruising at 15mph to help her little sister find Pokémon.

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Surge in online searches for Irish passports in NI

There has been a surge in the number of people in Northern Ireland searching for information online about Irish passports during the EU referendum.

“From looking at Google Trends, we can see that in the UK there's been a significant spike (+100%) in the last 24 hours of people searching for the term,” Michael Wilson, digital data analyst with Glowmetrics in Belfast told UTV.

“And by the looks of it, it's been almost entirely generated by people within Northern Ireland."

You can see the trends page here.