Hamburg fans petition club to sign Will Grigg

Credit: Presseye

Fans of German Bundesliga side Hamburg have started a petition urging their club to sign Northern Ireland striker Will Grigg after his unlikely rise to fame during Euro 2016.

While Grigg did not set foot on the pitch during the tournament, his name resonated round the stands and virtually everywhere fans congregated, thanks to the song Will Grigg's on Fire, an adaptation of 90s dance song Freed from Desire, by Gala.

The football-themed song even made no.6 on the ITunes chart.

The 24 year old finished League One's top scorer at Wigan and had been linked with a host of clubs, including Celtic, Nottingham Forest and newly-promoted Hull. Now it seems Hamburg fans want their club to join in the race.

To date, the petition has attracted over 5,500 signatures and states that Grigg has a market value of €1.5 million and would probably "bring in that much several times over in merchandising".