Three boys identified in Antrim ‘racial abuse video’

Three boys have been identified in a video allegedly showing racial abuse. Credit: YouTube

Three boys who allegedly threw stones at a Romanian woman in Antrim have been identified from Facebook footage.

A video circulated on social media appearing to show a number of boys asking a woman who identified herself as Romanian a number of questions.

The boys also apparently made threats to throw stones at the woman.

"You're not a girl, you're an immigrant, you shouldn't be in this country," one of the boys can be heard saying in the footage.

Another boy asks: "Do you have a passport? Right, come on over and show me it."

The boy makes threats to throw stones at the woman. Credit: YouTube

When the woman says that she is Romania, one of the boys reply: "We don't like Romanians."

The boy also says: "Ok, I'm going to hit you with a brick when you turn around."

Police say they have reviewed the footage, identified the boys and have arranged to formally talk to them in the next few days.

They are trying to identify the woman in the video to offer support after the incident and have asked anyone with information to contact them on 101.