NI Assembly Election 2017

The final results in the NI Assembly election are in with all 90 MLAs elected and the DUP still the largest party with 28, but Sinn Féin having polled well with just one less MLA.

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Election 'shows desire for inclusive devolved government'

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The Northern Ireland Assembly election has shown the "clear desire by the overwhelming majority for inclusive, devolved government," according to the Secretary of State.

James Brokenshire made a statement on Saturday congratulating the 90 MLAs returned to Stormont.

"Everyone now has a shared responsibility to engage very closely and very intensively in the short period of time available to us to establish a new, strong, stable executive," he said.

Mr Brokenshire added that he would be speaking to party leaders later in the day, and keeping in contact with the Irish government as well.

Northern Ireland's politicians now have just three weeks to reach an agreement on a way forward at Stormont.

If they cannot do that, they could face either heading back to the polls - or a lengthy period of direct rule.

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