The Twelfth 2017

Events take place in Northern Ireland to mark The Twelfth.

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‘One 999 call every minute’ after Eleventh bonfires lit

Fire crews had to deal with multiple incidents across NI due to Eleventh Night bonfires. Credit: Pacemaker

One 999 call was being made to the Fire Service every minute at the height of the Eleventh Night, while crews were attacked in Belfast and Larne.

The NIFRS has said it dealt with “an exceptionally busy night”, with 40 bonfire-related incidents between 6pm on Tuesday and 1am on Wednesday.

That represents a 21% increase on last year.

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A total of 213 emergency calls were made, with crew attending 133 of them.

The most serious incidents were at Sandy Row and Ravenscroft, where firefighters were required to douse apartments and houses to protect them from the heat and flames.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer Alan Walmsley said: “An appliance was attacked in Belfast at around 1am and then in Larne half-an-hour later.

"No fire-fighters were injured.”

Concerns were also raised by displays on some bonfires, with flags and politicians' election posters burned.

A coffin bearing the image of the late deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness also appeared on one east Belfast bonfire, while a racist slur against Celtic footballer Scott Sinclair featured on another.

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