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Drugs gang who "flooded the streets of North Wales" sentenced

The group were put under surveillance by a team of detectives Photo: North Wales Police

The drug trafficking gang was involved in bringing in hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of heroine and cocaine into North Wales.

The group was led by Paul David Williams from the Bangor area, who was given a 12 year sentence. He ran the operation from his prison cell from mobile phone -smuggled in disguised as a wristwatch. He had previously been imprisoned for nine years in 2003 for supplying heroin and other firearms offences.

David John Jones ran the operation from the outside bringing in the drugs into central north Wales. He was jailed for 10 years.

Police say that working together, they aimed to build a criminal empire in the area.

Caernarfon Crown Court was told how a covert police investigation led to the arrests and break-up of the operation which involved a web of suppliers, couriers and dealers flooding North Wales coast with drugs.

The undercover footage showed members of the group about to pick-up a consignment of cocaine with a street value of more than £90,000 that had been brought into north Wales from Merseyside. Officers also placed a bugging device in one of the criminals' car to listen in to the gangs conversations.

The police investigation - named Operation Justice - aimed to disrupt the supply of class A drugs into North Wales and break the organised crime gangs involved. The gang brought in the supplies of drugs to central and western areas of North Wales from Merseyside using a web of couriers and distributors.

''They were flooding the streets of North Wales with substantial ammounts of heroin and cocaine. To do that they had an organised crime group working beneath them who orchestrated the supply onto our streets.''

– North Wales Police

In the end the police caught some of the gang members red handed, including one digging up a stash of heroin with a street value of £25,000 hidden in a field, Officers arrested another of the gang with a street value of £100,000 in Bethesda after a surveillance operation saw the dugs being dropped off.

Police will now begin work to recover money and drugs that were collected by the gang. So far they have seized more than £400,000 worth of heroin and cocaine and around £50,000 in cash. A proceeds of crime hearing has now been set for XX when work to recover the rest of their assets will continue.

Police say that bringing the gang to justice will prevent a flood of heroine and cocaine reaching the streets of north Wales.