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Consultation over 'radical' reforms to social services

Lisa Madigan would welcome the chance to have more of a say in her own care Photo: ITV News Wales

The Welsh Government has put forward its proposals to overhaul social services here. They're designed to give more choice to service users, while also providing a more uniform provision across the country. A consultation will run until the beginning of June.

The proposed legislation would:

  • Allow people more choice on where they get their care from - including the option not to get it from their local authority
  • Introduce national eligibility criteria - which the Welsh Government claims would 'ensure people are assessed on what they need, rather than just on what services are available locally'
  • Introduce portable assessments, which means people will be entitled to similar services if they move from one part of Wales to another without having their needs re-assessed if they haven't changed
  • Require local authorities to provide information to carers on their rights and the services available to them in their local areas
  • Create a national adoption service to better coordination and "improve outcomes" of adoption

Lisa Madigan has had arthritis since since she was a child. She tells our Health Correspondent Mariclare Carey-Jones about the care she currently receives, and what she thinks about the plans to give service users more of a say in decision-making.