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Knitting line-dancer keeps soldiers warm

Tina at her local knitting line-dancing club Photo: David Wood/ITV News Wales

A Welsh super-knitter is doing her bit to support soldiers by sending 7,000 colourful, woolly hats to Afghanistan.

Tina Selby, 50, started making "hats for heroes" two years ago because she didn't want them to get cold on the front line.

Tina said: "One day I was reading about the soldiers in Afghanistan and how cold it gets in the winter. Then I came up with the idea of knitting hats for them.

"I contacted a local barracks and they said the soliders would love them."

Tina now has about forty friends who help her knit the garments and she includes a chocolate bar in each hat to give the soldiers "a bit of a pick me up".

They are seen as something of a fashion statement now.

– Tina Selby