Welsh hero of Titanic remembered 100 years on

Fifth Officer Harold Lowe is remembered with great affection in his hometown of Barmouth Credit: ITV News Wales

A plaque will be unveiled in Barmouth, Gwynedd, to commemorate a Welsh hero of the Titanic - 100 years to the day since the enormous vessel sank. Fifth Officer Harold Lowe is thought to have saved dozens of lives, after turning back in his lifeboat to look for survivors.

He was asleep when the iceberg hit the RMS Titanic, but rushed on deck to co-ordinate passengers into boats. He was at the helm of Lifeboat 14 himself. After moving far enough away from the site where the Titanic sank, he collected a group of lifeboats together, redistributing passengers so that he could return with an empty boat. He pulled four people from the freezing Atlantic water - three of whom survived. He saved another dozen from a sinking boat, and took another swamped boat in tow, steering them to safety.

On Sunday, exactly a hundred years since the great ship sank, with the loss of more than 1,500 lives, Harold Lowe's grandson John Lowe will attend the unveiling of a plaque in his memory in Barmouth Harbour at 2pm.

A wide series of events around the UK and overseas are being held to commemorate the centenary of the disaster. A memorial service was held early on Sunday morning on-board a ship which has travelled to the location where the Titanic sank.

The ITV News website has full rolling coverage of the memorial events being held to mark the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster of April 1912.