Was dead spy a victim of smear campaign?

Gareth Williams was found dead in his London flat in 2010 Credit: ITV News Wales

There may have been a campaign to smear the reputation of former MI6 spy Gareth Williams, according to a leading security expert.

Wales This Week has brought together a panel of experts to discuss Mr Williams's death, which is to be the subject of an inquest due to start next week.

Mr Williams was found at his Pimlico flat in 2010. His body was locked in a holdall which was padlocked from the outside.

It's very easy to spread a smear and a lie, we all know this and the tabloid papers particularly jump at the chance to do this.

Since his death there have been lurid newspaper reports about his private life.

However, experts say the reports may be part of a campaign of disinformation designed to besmirch his reputation or take the public focus away from his work.

Sitting on the panel are Gordon Thomas, the author of 'Inside British Intelligence' and Miles Goslett, an investigative journalist.

Why was it that within 48 hours of [Gareth's] body being discovered a newspaper was reporting the fact that not only was he gay, and stating it as fact, but also that he was possibly a transvestite. I mean, how was this relevant and, more to the point, where this so called information came from is rather unsettling.

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