Monmouth becomes the world's first 'Wikipedia town'

Today marks the official launch of the site known as 'Monmouthpedia' Credit: ITV News Wales

Monmouth has become the first town in the UK - and the world - to be recognised as a 'Wikipedia town'.

Volunteers, businesses and the local council have contributed to the project, which aims to create multilingual versions of Wikipedia pages about 'every notable place, person, artefact, flora, fauna' in the town.

The idea to create Monmouthpedia was thought up by John Cummings.

He was born and lived most of his life in the historic town and thought that this was a way of sharing information with the world.

Wikimedia UK, the charity that promotes Wikipedia and its sister projects in the UK, has been working in partnership with the town of Monmouth and Monmouthshire County Council on the project.

The pages are then instantly accessible to smartphone users in the town through the installation of over a thousand QR codes in key locations.

Scanning them with a phone takes the user straight to the appropriate Monmouthpedia page.

The local community of residents, businesses and volunteers teamed up with the Wikipedia community to create hundreds of new articles about Monmouth in hundreds of different languages, as well as improving hundreds of others.