Carwyn Jones calls for talks now on saving the UK

Flying the flag for the UK: the Union Jack next to the Red Dragon at the Senedd Credit: ITV Wales News

The First Minister, Carwyn Jones, is arguing for urgent action to save the UK in a speech to the 'unlock democracy' movement at Westminster. He says a constitutional convention is needed now so that the Scots know what will happen if they vote 'no' in the independence referendum. If they vote 'yes', the convention would then have to decide the future relationship between Wales and England.

Mr Jones made it clear that he expects the devolution process to continue to transfer more powers to his government.

The First Minister says he is intervening now because he's concerned that David Cameron's tactics for keeping Scotland in the UK are wrong.

For Carwyn Jones, there are twin dangers. One is that the UK government's efforts to keep Scotland in the UK could mean that Welsh concerns are marginalised. The other is that the Scots do vote for independence, leaving Wales trying to convince England to offer a more equal relationship within what is left of the United Kingdom.