Is this the cheapest house in the UK?

At £4,000, this house is the cost of a second hand family car Credit: DB Public Relations

This house, in Clydach Vale, is an average two up two down property - but at £4,000, it could be the cheapest property in the UK.

It's listed as a traditional house, with two reception rooms, two bedrooms and an enclosed garden, but auctioneer Paul Fosh says the terraced home is in need of total renovation, including urgent attention to the roof.

It’s fair to say that the house isn’t in the best condition, however, at this price it could well be a shrewd investment . I haven’t inspected it internally but it is situated in a well established residential location in the town of Tonypandy which has easy access to a range of amenities and good transport links including the train station.

And despite its tattered appearance, Mr Fosh anticipates the house will get a lot of attention.

We’re expecting to have a lot of interest in the property which, with a guide price of £4,000 the cost of a second hand car, must surely be one of the cheapest houses currently on the market anywhere in Britain. It is certainly the cheapest house I have put up for auction in many years. I am expecting keen interest in the sale room but make no mistake there is huge amount of work required to bring this building up to standard as it doesn’t appear to have been lived in for quite a considerable time. We have set a guide price of £4,000 but ultimately it’ll be the auction floor and those that attend the sale next month that’ll decide what this property is worth taking everything, including worse case scenario renovation costs, into consideration.

The house will go to auction on August 2 at the Park Inn Hotel in Cardiff.