MOD St Athan takes centre stage

Director Mike Pearson has previously staged a Greek tragedy at a disused military range Credit: Warren Orchard / National Theatre Wales

An aircraft hangar at MOD St Athan will play host to a unique performance of Shakespeare's Coriolan/us.

The play is based on the tragic life of legendary Roman leader Casius Marcius Coriolanus, and charts the life of a city in turmoil.

The concept is the latest venture of directors Mike Pearson and Mike Brooks, who previously worked on a critically acclaimed version of The Persians, which was performed on a disused military range in the Brecon Beacons.

This adaptation of Coriolanus will specifically highlight the impact of conflict on urban communities.

Inspired by today's era of 24-hour news, CCTV, and political instability and upheaval, co-directors Mike Pearson and Mike Brookes will build a 'theatre machine' in Hangar 858, at MOD St Athan. Using a dynamic combination of media - live, on-screen, in-ear, and delivered from a multitude of viewpoints, this site-specific production will cast the shifting audience as the plebeian crowd, appealed to, lobbied and petitioned by political factions and its battle-hardened leader.

Coriolan/us is at Hangar 858 Picketston, MOD St Athan, from August 8 to 11 and August 15 to 18. For tickets visit