Lobster's lucky escape after Swansea chef's change of heart

Swansea chef Anthony Christopher will be releasing the lobster - named after his mother - back into the sea Credit: ITV News Wales

A Swansea chef is to release a lobster he purchased back into the sea - because he can't bring himself to cook it.

The crustacean weighs in at six pounds but is estimated to be worth around £120 on customers' plates.

Anthony Christopher is so fond of the creature that he has named it after his mother Merial, joking: "Once they both get their claws out there's no telling the difference between them!"

Merial has been named after Anthony's mother after he joked they 'both get their claws out' Credit: ITV News Wales

Anthony says he believes Merial the lobster is around 40-50 years old, adding: "A lobster that old deserves to get back to the sea for a second chance."