Swansea City centenary book

The 1960s Jack Army Credit: Swans 100

As part of the celebrations to mark the club's centenary season, Swansea City fans have been revealing their memories in a book.

The project has been organised by Swansea University and the Swans 100 team and has also involved the Swans Supporters' Trust, with funding from the Lottery.

All the memories are captured 'Swansea 'til I Die - A Century of Supporting the Swans'.

The project features three generations of the same family - Alan, Steve and Will Meredith - two of whom live in England but still come to Swansea's home games.

Dean Thomas went to meet them.

The earliest memory of a first game recorded by the team is from John Conibear, aged


My first visits in 1924-5 were as a babe-in-arms. My first conscious memory of the Vetch Field I have been able to establish as on Thursday 11 March 1926 I knew our side wore white - all except one who wore a red jersey.

Phil Bethell is a spokesman for the Swans 100 project.

The project has brought together stories and memories from Swans' fans from 8 to 80 years old. It has been a pleasure to talk to people and read the stuff they have sent in. It makes you realise how much passion there is for the football club, and how the supporters have kept it going through the dark days when things were definitely not Premier League.