'Exploding meteor' seen over South Wales

The Perseid meteor shower happens around August each year Credit: AP Photo/Kevin Clifford

A meteor is believed to have exploded above South Wales last night

People across the UK reported witnessing the object in the sky, culminating in a final sighting above Cwmbran at around11.15pm on Monday.

While estimated to be relatively small in size, the meteor was very bright in appearance, and is reported to have disintegrated with a loud sonic boom.

Its journey through the sky was visible across eastern parts of Wales and beyond the Welsh border into the south west of England.

On the discussion forum Meteorite News, witnesses attempted to describe the meteor.

Nathan Jones, from St Athan, wrote "I saw the object (can't specify what) with a heat trail behind. Orange, white and very bright. Never seen something so amazing in my life!"

Hannah Sabido, from Bristol, described it as "a bright white ball with a long bright tail".

D White, from Cwmbran, said the object had "orange fire trails... with a green front".

Kim Douglas wrote "It was like a ball of fire, flying quick in the sky. I thought it was a plane going down at first, but it was moving too quickly".

The Perseid meteor shower is an annual occurrence from late July to August - made up of remnants from the comet Swift-Tuttle.