A jury at Swansea Crown Court has heard that the alleged murder of a teenage boy was a ‘contract killing’ – but the wrong person was targeted.

Aamir Siddiqi, 17, was stabbed on the doorstep of his home in Roath, Cardiff, in April 2010.

The prosecution alleges that Ben Hope, 39, and Jason Richards, 38, killed Mr Siddiqi when they confused his house with that of their intended victim.

“Tragically the killers went to the wrong house,” Patrick Harrington QC told the courtroom.

“They made a colossal mistake – a fatal mistake for Aamir.”

Both men are also each accused of two separate counts of attempted murder on Aamir’s parents when they tried to come to their son’s aid.

The two defendants were described in court by the prosecution as heroin users who blame each other.

The prosecution said: “They are both agreed on one thing – the killer is in the dock.”

Ben Hope and Jason Richards both deny all the charges against them. The trial continues.