The new Welsh Secretary David Jones will today pay a visit to Wylfa Power Station on Anglesey. The newly appointed Cabinet Minister maintains that Wylfa "represents an extremely attractive investment opportunity".

The visit is designed to highlight the UK Government's commitment to nuclear power, with Mr Jones expected to say that a new power station on the site could bring an economic boost to North Wales.

It is his first official visit to the site since his promotion to the Cabinet.

Plans to build 'Wylfa B' hit a stumbling block back in March when the two companies behind the scheme, E.on and RWE npower, pulled out on commercial grounds.

It had been hoped that the power station would create 800 full-time jobs.

Mr Jones said: "While RWE and E.ON's withdrawal was very disappointing.... the site at Wylfa represents an extremely attractive investment opportunity and there remains considerable interest".