1. ITV Report

Rain slowly spreads across Wales

After the autumn sunshine of Saturday, Sunday marks a return to cool, wet and windy weather. Tonight will see cloud building across the country. Temperatures may briefly reach 6C in the clearer slots before starting to rise. Later in the night the north west of Wales will see rain arriving. Sunday starts cloudy everywhere with the rain beginning it's crawl southeastwards across the country. Rain is likely to be heavy and persistent on the northwest hills. In the lee of mountains the rain will be lighter and the rain band will ease and weaken as it heads towards the south east. It will take until Sunday evening for Cardiff and Newport to see any rain. Temperatures remain on the cool side. Once the rain clears on Sunday night it's a return to unsettled conditions that will bring sunny spells and showers. On Monday these showers should be scattered and fairly light but as the week progresses they become more intense and widespread.

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